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Our Mission


Our priority is to breed high-quality, purebred Golden Retriever puppies that will maintain their original purpose and become valued family members. We strive to achieve this by using carefully selected, health tested, physically and temperamentally sound parents and by using the genetic diversity of the United Kingdom and North American lines.


As we do not purposely breed for colour our puppies can range in all the glorious shades of golden colour from a very, light cream to a rich, lustrous dark gold. The English Cream Golden Retriever and the American Red Golden Retriever are not separate breeds, they are just marketing terms. There is truly on one variety of Golden Retriever. Cream and Red shades can be found in even in the same litter.  

Our Goals


As the Golden Retriever was originally bred to be a sporting dog, we strongly believe today's Goldens should still maintain this working ability. To ensure our lines retain the proper Golden Retriever characteristics I actively participate in various dog sports and organized activities with our dogs. My husband actively participates in Belly Rubs, Spoiling and Naughty Habits with our dogs.

About Us


We first became active in this wonderful breed in 1998 when our family purchased Willow, our very first purebred Golden Retriever puppy. It was she who opened up a whole new world to me in the sport of dogs. Willow was owner handled to both her CD and WC and is pictured here winning her CD title with 3 consecutive "High in Class" awards.

Since then I have been training and trialing with our Golden Retrievers under the Eden Kennel prefix. Due to the versatility and biddability of Golden Retrievers, our dogs have allowed me to place various titles on them through the years that include Obedience, Tracking, Conformation, Working tests and Hunting titles as well as the new CKC Trick Dog titles.

For over 20 plus years I have been and continue to be a member in good standing with The Canadian Kennel Club, The Golden Retriever Club of Canada and The Nipissing Kennel Club, having served for a number of years on the NKC Board as Training Director. 

Golden Retriever obedience title award
A Canadian cream Golden Retriever puppy

Our Puppies


We take great pride in our dogs accomplishments and in how we raise our puppies. While breeding dogs is a lot of work and responsibility it also brings us a lot of joy to live with and raise our puppies  in our home. This gives us the ability to pay full attention to all those little details that are so very important to their physical and mental well-being.

For more detailed information on how we raise our puppies please visit our Puppy Raising page

Our involvement with dogs is not a business or a hobby, it's a lifestyle.
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