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First Things First 

Puppy Programs and Specialty Dog Training Classes for building strong Foundation Skills and Social Behaviors

- right from the start

S.M.A.R.T. See – Mark – Reward Training

We use positive reinforcement and shaping through Marker Training and Games Training to develop a love for learning in your dog that builds confidence, strengthens your relationship and teaches you how to train essential foundation behaviours and life skills. 




- Marker Cues and Timing       - Luring, Capturing and Shaping Behaviours       - Reinforcement skills 

- Focus and Engagement: Developing dogs who eagerly wants to train with you!

- Foundation Skills;  Attention, Stationing on Mat and Platforms, Offering Reinforceable Behaviours,

   Recalls, Sit, Down, Stand, Loose Leash Walking, Attentive Heeling.

- Training Games for accelerated learning!       - Social Behaviours       - Generalizing and Proofing Skills

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Puppy class

Puppies are always learning whether we are actively training them or not. Our Puppy Classes are designed to start puppies off on the right paw while still allowing them to experience the pure joy of being a puppy. Both classes are similar in course description and teaching style with only the times being different. Whenever possible classes will be split based on age.


Attention and Focus ☑️ Engagement ☑️ Love of Learning ☑️ Foundation Skills ☑️ Physical and Mental Stimulation ☑️



Puppy Primer - Next Start Date- Thursday evenings, June1 to June 29 at 7:30 pm. $185. Register for more information

Puppy Focus - Start Date: TBD.  Register to be notified of the next class start date. 

Afternoon Classes!      

Puppy Primer -  Tuesday Afternoons 

starting April 18 to May 16 at 2:30 pm.


Registration Closed

Recall Clas


Really Reliable Recalls - Training for building quick and reliable Recalls. Class will mainly focus on Recalls and Sit Stays with some Loose Leash Walking as part of the training games.


Prerequisite: Open to dogs of all ages. Due to the nature of this class and the excitement level dogs must not be people or dog reactive. If you are not sure if your dog is reactive please contact me for clarification.

Next Class Date - Coming soon.

Come Again Recalls This 5 week class is a continuation of the Really Reliable Recalls class. We will focus on strengthening our Recalls and Sit Stays under distraction with an introduction to the Whistle Recall


Prerequisite: Open to dogs of all ages who have taken a previous FTF class. Other dogs who have taken a class elsewhere and have some basic training may be considered. Please contact to discuss.


Starting: April 20th at 6:00 pm Registration Closed.

Adult Class



Rock Star  - This class is for Returning Dogs who wish to advance their training. Dogs must have taken a previous First Things First Puppy class, Recall class or Private lesson. Other dogs who have been previously trained with Marker/Clicker training may be assessed and accepted.


Start Date: TBD 

FUNdamentals - Engagement and fun Foundations training for adolescent puppies and dogs who are young at heart. This class is for dogs that would benefit from learning foundation behaviours and practicing good manners in a class setting.  Topics covered in class will include attention and engagement, sit and down stays, stationing on a mat with enthusiasm and staying until release, loose leash walking , recalls and exhibiting self-control in the presence of food, other dogs and people.

Next Start Date -Thursday evenings from May 25 to June 22 at 6:00 pm.


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Private Classes



Private One-To-One Lessons

- Need to prepare your dog for attending group classes?

- Want guidance for the training you've been doing on your own?

- Prefer Individual attention without the distractions of a class setting?

$75 Per hour

Contact to arrange


Semi-Private Lessons 

Do you have a group of 3 or more friends you like to train with? This semi-private class is client driven and instructor assisted to help you reach your training goals whether it be sports driven, friendly competition or an hour of social dog training.


$225 for 5 weeks

Contact to arrange

Waiting List  

Expecting a new puppy but waiting to complete the vaccination requirements?  Is the class you desire unavailable at this time? Pre-Register now and we will contact you first for the next available class! Have a desire for a specialized focused class? Recalls, Scent Detection, Puppy Enrichment and Play? Contact us and when we get enough interest to run the class we will contact you first before making a public announcement.

Effective dog training at affordable prices serving the North Bay, Callander and Powassan area.


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