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Litter Events Calendar


Schedule of Events: Breedings, pregnancy count down, litter listings, puppy milestones, appointments, visits and  pick-up dates.

  Scheduling Visits

  • Opportunities to schedule visits with the puppies will commence after puppies are 5 weeks of age. Both weekday and limited weekend appointments will be available depending on my work schedule. Advance notice is required. Children are welcome but must be closely monitored both for their own safety as well as the safety of the puppies.

  • Unfortunately the current situation with Covid-19 may have an impact on puppy visitations. While we regret that visits might not be a possibility or are limited in nature, we are confident in your understanding that this is beyond our control. 

Picking Up Your Puppy

 Date and Time

  • Puppies will be released on a date yet to be determined . When I have further information I will ask you to check the schedule to let me know the days and times that are best for you. Many people will be traveling
    long distances so while we do try our best to accommodate everyone some flexibility may be required.

  • When scheduling your appointment you should expect to spend at least 1 to 2 hours here discussing your puppy, filling out paperwork, asking all those last minute questions and viewing a short clicker training

  • Please be on time, not too early or too late as there may be appointments both before and after you.

  • We ask that young children be left at home on pick up day if possible. If this is not possible please bring someone to keep them safe and entertained while you conduct business as this can be both a boring and anxious or stressful time for them.

 You should bring.....

  • A small travel crate or second person to control the puppy during transport.

  • Plastic grocery bags and paper towel for any accident clean up.

  • Bottled water and water bowl if traveling a fair distance.

  • Leash and very small, adjustable, buckle collar.

  • Plan your stops for puppy potty breaks, you DO NOT want to stop at popular places  where others stop to air their dogs, these places are high risk areas for diseases. A second stop can then be made for your personal needs with the puppy remaining in the vehicle while you grab a coffee. 

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