First Things First Puppy Classes

 A puppy program for building strong foundation skills and social behaviors - right from the start!


Callander Canine Centre. 199 Tillicum Bay Road, Callander

Classes Starting October 3, 2022

These classes are designed to help you start working with your puppy from the moment you bring him/her home. We use positive reinforcement and shaping through Marker Training to promote a love of learning that builds confidence, strengthens your relationship and teaches essential foundation behaviours and life skills. A layered approach to learning is used so that each skill builds upon the other to get the desired behaviours we want, in a manner that is enjoyable for both puppy and owner. Register Now. 

All classes are 5 weeks in length and limited to 6 puppies per class.


These class are ideal for puppies of any age from very young puppies as well as for older puppies.

We uses positive reinforcement and "shaping" as our training method to teach essential foundation skills in a manner that promotes a love of learning, builds confidence and strengthens the relationship between puppy and owner.

Classes are held on Monday nights for 5 weeks.

Puppy Primer Class # 1

Puppy Focus, Class #2

 Puppy Advanced, Class #3

Puppies in the advanced class must have taken a previous FTF class or has been previously trained familiar with Marker/Clicker training.


Start date and time to be determined.



- Marker Cues and Timing


- Luring, Capturing and Shaping

- Reinforcement skills (food and toys)

- Focus and Engagement – a puppy who eagerly wants to train with you!

- Productive Foundations for really reliable recalls, solid stays and loose leash walking

- Training Games – accelerated learning!

- Social Behaviours

- Generalizing and Proofing Skills



A large non-slip Dog Mat 

Training treats -  small, non-crumbly, high value to the puppy.

Food container for extra food


Bait Bag or very loose fitting clothing with big pockets that gives you easy access.

A Clicker, if you will be using one however a unique Marker Word or sound is an acceptable alternative.

String cheese (or alternative that you don’t mind putting in your mouth)

Favorite toy(s) that can be thrown, tugged, tucked in an armpit

6 foot leash – no flexi or retractable leash for in class training

Collar of your choice - No harnesses or halti

Fly Swatter

Indoor shoes

A well rested, hungry puppy!

 First Things First Puppy Classes


$ 180


5 weeks

Start Date: Oct 3, 2022