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The "Dirty Dog" Litter!

Dear puppy people of Ella's litter, it is time to pick your puppies registered name for CKC registration and pedigree purposes.

In order to individually register puppies with the Canadian Kennel Club, all puppies must be have a unique registered name to go along with their microchip number. Given the state of the puppies after being at camp all week it only seems fitting that the theme for Ella’s litter is “DIRTY”. I have posted a few suggestions however you may also submit a name for consideration as long as it fits into the DIRTY theme. CKC has final approval over all registered names so please email me your first and second choice in case your first pick has already been reserved and is just not posted yet or it is not accepted by the CKC. Preference will be given on a first come first served basis. Of course your puppy’s registered name and your choice of everyday call name do not needed to be related in any manner unless you wish it too.

As names are chosen I will post them on my website and highlight the reserved names. The highlight colour does not correspond to the puppy collars.

Eden’s Dirty Deeds

Eden’s Down and Dirty (A&G)

Eden’s Dirty Martini

Eden’s Dirty Bird (S & A)

Eden’s Dirty Dancing (J.C.)

Eden’s Dirty Girl

Eden’s Talking Dirty

Eden’s Playing Dirty

Eden’s Nitty Gritty Dirty Girl( J.L.)

Eden’s Getting Dirty

Eden’s Dirty Flirty

Eden’s Dirty Banda Key (C.K)


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