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F.T.F. Puppy Classes Supply List

Some items we use to train with will be available for use during class to give you an idea of the types of things you can gather around the house to train with at home. The things you will need to bring with you on the first night of class are...

  • Your signed waiver and a copy of your puppies vaccination record if you have not already email it to me

  • A Large Dog mat, one that provides contrast in texture and colour against the flat, dark rubber flooring would be excellent. We will want our puppies to dive to the mat so ideally one that doesn't bunch up is preferred. A fluffy bath mat or something similar works well, as a substitute for the expensive Dirty Dog Doormats from pet stores and Walmart has the reasonably priced shaggy fleece mats from Walmart. A raised pet bed will work as well as long as it is big enough for the puppy to lay down flat without having to curl up.

  • Training treats - lots of small, non-crumbly, high value type of treats. Did I say lots? If you think you have enough, please bring more. High value treats like cheese, cooked beef or pork are always a hit in class. Regular kibble can be used for low value reset tosses but you want a good quantity of high value treats as well.

  • String cheese, pepperoni or an alternative food that you don’t mind putting in your own mouth.

  • Treat/Bait bag or clothing with loose fitting pockets. Tight jean type pockets will not work but a hoodie with a front pocket will.

  • Plastic food container with extra food for restocking your treat/bait bag. A recycled margarine or plastic food storage container works fine.

  • A Clicker if you will be using one however a unique Marker Word or sound is an acceptable alternative. (Clickers will be available at class for $5)

  • 2 Favorite toys that can be thrown, tugged on and tucked in an armpit

  • 6 foot leash – no flexi or retractable leash in class please.

  • Flat Buckle or Martingale type Collar –No halti or gentle leaders please.

  • Indoor shoes or slippers as the floors can have a chill to them at this time of year. Due to the specialized flooring out door shoes will need to be removed.

  • Did I say lots of small high value treats?

A well-rested, hungry puppy! Please do not feed your puppies supper on the night of class as they will get their evening rations during training.


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