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Eden's Puppy Supply List

All the things you will need for your puppy and then some.

I only post what I use, know and trust. Shop local! All my listed suppliers are Canadian. I am not affiliated with any brand or company and earn no remuneration for my recommendations except for Ren's Refer A Friend -Give $10, get $10.

My Go To, On-line Suppliers:

Food - We feed and recommend Pro Plan Puppy food.

along with fresh whole foods such as meats, sardines, eggs and veggies. I have found that a regular change in fresh foods in their diet promotes “gut health”. Dogs have evolved due to their natural nature of being scavengers, a change in diet cause stomach upset only when the are fed the same thing over and over again.

Food Storage Container - Open bags of dog food do go rancid so if you buy the larger bag this is a must. If you have a large freezer, half of it can be safely frozen.

Puppy Treats - "Milk Bone" dog biscuits, "Roll Over" sausage roll, “Zukes” mini treats, "Charlee Bears", and "Caled0n Farms" Mini Trainer freeze dried treats are all good quality, store bought treats that I personally use and recommend. No cheap, made in china, dye and chemical filled treats! No Raw hide or Jerky type treats.

Extra Large Dog Crate - We prefer plastic as it is durable, easy to clean and will contain the dog dirt and hair. Wire is acceptable and slightly cheaper but may rust with time and does not provide a den like atmosphere. Blankets and soft beds are not necessary in the crate. They are usually just to make us feel better as the dogs generally find them too hot and a great thing to chew. Use cheap bedding that you can afford to throw away if you must using bedding and monitor closely. Some dogs never chew and some need to grow out of the habit after teething. Be careful of using rugs, continuous loop and rubber backing can cause intestinal blockage. An alternative is an exercise pen or x-pen although they have some drawbacks due to being light weight.

Stainless Steel Food Bowls and Water Buckets - Plastic is hard to clean, retains bacteria and germs, and is easy to chew. Must be food grade steel not galvanized

metal. Plastic horse bucket found in farm and tack stores is acceptable for a water bucket but is not as sanitary so must be thoroughly cleaned often and can be chewed.

6 Foot (quality) Leash - Leather will last your lifetime with a minimum of care and is gentle on your hands when teaching a dog not to pull. Nylon leashes of the right size and quality are durable, easy to clean, long lasting and come in pretty colours but they can injure your hands when a strong, young dog pulls. Biothane is an excellent substitute. Flexi-leads can be dangerous to the dog and handler if extreme care is not taken so not recommended.

Nylon (adjustable) Buckle Collars – You will need a least 2 collars. SMALL for your puppy right now. A puppies neck and head are smaller the you think so depending on brand it may need to be and extra small. Later you will need a medium to large for adult.

Clicker - A small plastic box that makes a clicking noise to instantaneously mark and reinforce a desired behaviour. We will demonstrate the benefits of clicker training the day you take your puppy home. (I will provide one to take home)

Fenced Yard, Security Pen or Dog Run - Portable runs set on top of patio stones can be invaluable for ensuring the safety and security of your puppy and can greatly assists in house training while you are temporarily away from home. 4W x 10L x 6H or 4W x 8L x 6H run is an acceptable size. An alternative is an exercise pen or x-pen although they have some drawbacks due to being light weight so constant supervision is required.

Lots and Lots of Toys - Quality hard rubber toys for chewing, eyeless and button less stuffed toys for snuggling and carrying. Tug toys, retrieving toys the list goes on. Tennis balls are great for a game of fetch but do not allow to it to be chewed. The covering is abrasive and can wear down their teeth. As well the cheap ones can be popped and chewed in seconds causing a choking hazard. Kong, Chuck it and Bionic are my preferred name brand toys. JC has some good toys as well but watch the feet on the Cuz toys.

Dog Blanket, Matt or Dog Bed - An optional place for the dog to settle on other then his crate. Mats are easy to move around the house and to take with you when traveling. I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on dog beds until the puppy is older and trained! Although there are many that are simply gorgeous and so tempting to buy, practicality really is the order of the day here. You will want one that doesn’t break the bank, won’t be a great lose if chewed and can easily be thrown in the washing machine. Several on hand is good. One in the kitchen, one in the living room and one in the vehicle for traveling can give your dog a visual to stay out from underfoot after training the “place" command.

Save the special beds for when the puppy is grown and trustworthy but in all honesty I have purchased many beautiful dog beds that I have come to regret.

I have found the best most functional, easy to clean and long lasting dog bed ever has been my mini trampoline/ rebounder with a handmade removeable cover. I like them so much I now have 4 of them.

Natures Miracle – Stain and odor remover for floors and rugs.

Puppy pee pads are super absorbent so great for blotting up accidents before using the stain and odor remover. They can be cut to size so cost effective and always handy when needed quickly.

Grooming Supplies - Ear wipes (Walmart), nail clippers (scissor kind, the guillotine ones pinch), 2 good slicker brushes (small and medium/large), coat rake, quality cleaning shampoo, tick remover. Tropiclean Tooth Gel (I find this brand the best) Toothbrush.

Flea and Tick Control. Speak to your vet about one that is suitable for your risk area; Lyme disease is on the rise across Ontario however heartworm is confined to the south.

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