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Positive Relationships

I originally wrote this post back around 2007 because I LOVE my vets however in recent years it has become apparent that the veterinary industry is in crisis.

The rate of suicide in the veterinary profession has been pegged as close to twice that of other medical professions, and 4 times the rate of the general public. As pet owners we need to do our part in being part of the solution not the problem.


Animal ownership is a big responsibility. Fortunately, it can be made easier with a few very important people in your life. Besides your Breeder and Obedience Trainer, your Veterinarian will play a huge role in the health and well being of your new companion. Finding a skilled Veterinarian that you can communicate with and establishing a good working relationship is essential for maintaining your special friend in optimal health. Once you have found such a veterinarian treasure and respect them. Veterinary care can be expensive but don't complain about the cost of caring for your pet. Your vet has gone to great length to develop his knowledge and to provide an establishment filled with skilled and caring people. Ever since COVID-19, more people have become pet owners but more pet owners are also making decisions based on economics. Medical care is not the place to save a buck or two or heaven forbid delay payment. Pet insurance has become mainstream in the last decade so there are many options currently available.

Do not price shop or only start searching for a Vet when your pet becomes ill. Currently there is a shortage of people entering the Veterinarian field. This has caused a big strain on established practices so it important to start your search early, even before you bring that new puppy home! The veterinarians in our area are much like our family doctors in that they have their own clientele that they service. They do not just treat any persons animal who needs them no matter the reason or the seriousness. It would be unreasonable and unrealistic to expect them to! If they are not your vet of record they do not book appointments for you. If you are sick and need a Doctor, you cannot pick up the phone book and start calling Doctors for an appointment. It doesn't matter if you have a flu bug or are sick with cancer, they will not see you unless you are their patient. A veterinarian works on the same principle. If your animal is a patient of theirs they will book an appointment, if not they will not and have absolutely no legal or moral obligation to do so. Maintain regular visits and keep your pet up-to-date on his vaccinations and medications. Don’t just use them for emergency care. Having the vet know your pet when in good health can help speed the diagnoses and ease treatment when in poor health. Regular check ups also helps establish a good working relationship between all involved. Many Vet clinics will allow you to come in and weigh your pet, this is a perfect opportunity to make visiting the vet a positive experience.

Be on time for your appointment and make sure your pet is clean and well groomed. Let them know if he has any issues that might place the vet and staff at risk.

Since the dog cannot tell us what is wrong , veterinary medicine relies on us, the owners to be able to verbalize the signs and symptoms we have observed in order to pin down diagnostic possibilities. Having detailed, accurate information will save you both stress and money by eliminating unnecessary tests. Be knowledgeable about your pet. Regular grooming allows you to check for lumps and bumps that might be hidden under his coat. Make sure to keep track of your dog’s regular routine so that you recognize anything out of the ordinary. Know when and how much he eats. Know what his regular bowel movement is like and how frequently he has one. Know the colour of his urine. Monitor his behavior and know what is usual and unusual. Be aware of things that might cause future problems both in his actions and in his environment. Be clear and concise in your descriptions. Try to keep emotions at bay and do not rely on memory. State all your concerns and be prepared to answer any questions in detail. If you don't understand something or disagree with treatment discuss it openly, fairly and honestly. If you know your pet and your vet knows his business, together you'll work as an awesome team! Last be sure to go that extra mile for your vet clinic! Donate those extra towels, leashes, dog crates etc that you no longer use. Don’t forget the staff! Bringing them in coffee & treats. This can go a long way to building good relationships and having them go that extra mile for you on that hopefully rare occasion when you really need them to.

Please be kind, support your Vet and their staff.

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