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The Baby Walrus Stage

A few days ago we noticed the puppies eyes were starting to crack open in the corners so we knew it wouldn't be long before we started to see lots of changes going on in the whelping box. Although their eyes are now fully open everything is still a bit fuzzy for them so they are still heavily dependant on their other senses. This is the milestone that indicates we have also entered the weeble wobble stage where they begin doing their version of what passes for walking. Their big heads and fat bodies generally sends them in directions they didn't really want to go but with enough motivation and perseverance they do eventually get to where they were going.

The potty area has been added to the box in the hopes that with enough lucky hits they will start to search it out. Toys are switched up and the crinkle bag has also been added to the box. Although their ears are still closed they can hear and respond to sounds. This generally elicits a sound back which means they have also discovered they have a voice!

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