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Ella's 10 Babies

2 Weeks

Eyes are open and while things are still fuzzy for Ella's 10 babies, their eyesight will gradually improve over the next little while. This is just the very beginning of many more exciting changes to come as they enter the weeble wobble we all fall down stage. Ella is sitting up for them to nurse which makes us a bit nervous because if she gets tired, she will just lay down which means we scramble to pull puppies out of harm’s way.

Yellow Girl

In the first week we noticed the little yellow girl was not thriving so I began around the clock bottle feeding every two hours and booked a trip to the Veterinarian. After a thorough checkup we still could not discover why she was not thriving but we hoped with some extra care she would eventually gain strength to begin nursing properly. Although I was terrified Dr Nancy gave me some instruction on tube feeding so that we could tube feed every 4 hours while supplementing with the bottle in between. Shortly afterwards during a feeding she gave me a very big yawn and I was able to see a small cleft way back in her soft palate. While this is not the best news it does explain why she had not thrived in the first few days and it gives us hope and a direction for her future. If she can get to the point of eating solid food we know there is every reason to believe that she can grow up to lead a very normal and fun filled life.

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