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Ella's puppies are now 3 weeks old

3 weeks old

The puppies are now 3 weeks old and Ella is standing for brief periods as they nurse. This helps the puppies build strength so they are now much steadier on the feet and have no problem getting from point A to B. Their ears are starting to open so they can hear which also means they have also discovered their voice! Their teeth are starting to bud so while we are still handling them daily, we are careful not to inadvertently associate anything we do with the pain of teething.

At this age the puppies have also discovered play which is fun to watch as they use their mouth to explore each other.

Yellow Girl

With the extra care our little yellow girl is quickly beginning to catch up to her littermates! Although normally we don't name our puppies and allow that special privilege to the new owners we have decided to name our little yellow girl Peanut so that her fans can root her on by name. Peanut will not be available for adoption until we know that she is safely out of the woods and a very special home is found for a very special puppy.

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