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Ella's 12 Puppies Arrive

Eden kennels 12 golden retriever puppies
Bishop X Ella's 12 golden retriever puppies

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 24th. Ella began to give birth to her puppies. Her first puppy arrived at 2:55 am and her last one was born at 7;50 am for a total of 12 puppies.

Sadly, our joy at their safe arrival was lessened shortly afterward when two of the very smallest puppies turned into little angels.

Ella's remaining 10 puppies are doing well and are turning into little butterballs now that I have started bottle feeding them to help supplement her milk supply.

I have been testing out Facebook live videos and to be honest I have not been too successful. I have managed to get some videos of Ella and the puppies up on the Eden Kennel page as well as the FTF training page and up my personal page. Hopefully I will get better at figuring out my new phone but overall I think I am better at playing with puppies than playing with technology!

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