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Peek A Boo Puppies! The puppies eye are open

May 18 2023

On day 11 and 12 we noticed the puppies eyelids began to crack and within 24 hours all 8 puppies little eyes were open and peeking out at us. While things are still fuzzy for them, their eyesight will gradually improve over the next little while. Now that their eyes have opened, we know it is just the very beginning of many more exciting changes to come.

May 19 2023

As expected, now that the puppies eyes have opened they have also entered the weeble wobble stage where they begin doing their own version of what passes for walking. At the moment they have very little control over their chubby little bodies or the direction they go in but this too will be very short lived.

Lana had already been sitting up for the puppies to nurse but lately she has also been standing. While this can bring on both a little sympathy for the puppies and a great deal of amusement, it is an important milestone which helps to strengthen their bodies and their character.

More Pictures and videos can be viewed on our Facebook page

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